In the multichannel, 24-hour information cycle that is the modern communications landscape, how can your organization successfully craft and disseminate its story? How do you develop a complete strategic communications plan that positions your brand and connects with your target audience? That is the overriding challenge in PR and communications today. This training will offer you a unique experience of learning and mastering the art and science of relating to diverse publics using a variety of media and communication strategies and vehicles. It involves the ability to effectively relate to different publics as well as properly formulate, design and implement message campaigns for clients.

Program Objectives:

  • Understand the role of Public Relations as a part of strategic communication.
  • Learn to analyze the client’s needs, feedback and build a public relations campaign that produces viable recommendations
  • Internal communication, Employee Engagement and Public Affairs: Culture, strategic and change communication.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of communication in organizations and planning of message execution from a strategic perspective.
  • Crisis Management: Handling media interviews, shaping external perception
  • Design a strategically focused message that is comprehensive, credible, and relevant to a target audience
  • Hone skills on how to lead and manage high-profile PR and communications programmes that deliver results against communication strategies.
  • Campaign budgeting and financial management: how to plan and manage budgets for communication departments and campaigns.

Through interactive power point presentations and experiential sharing, the participants will be able to;

  • Understand the role of a leader/manager and how to master this role effectively
  • Hone skills and tools to lead and manage a team; recognize team success with enthusiasm
  • Undertake human resource tasks that lie within their dockets.
  • Get results through others by establishing direction, motivating people, creating alignment and building commitment
  • Build a strong conceptual foundation for a lifelong leadership career
  • Handle difficult management situations with greater decisiveness certainty in your decisions
  • Build effective coaching techniques
  • Master problem analysis and decision-making
  • Give constructive and motivational feedback
  • Hold structured conversational performance appraisal meetings
  • Adapt own communication style to build rapport with the employees.
  • Develop a management style that suits your unique personality